Banquet for motor ships

It has long been not relevant to hold a banquet in a stuffy restaurant, where other visitors are crushing you. Toli is a boat trip with an organized holiday banquet. Fresh air, space, plenty of water, amazing landscapes – all this will help the holiday become unforgettable.
Shipping companies are pleased with the variety of their offers. For a fee, you can rent a comfortable boat for several hundred guests or order a speedboat ride, and organize a banquet in the “green zone” on one of the capital’s islands. In fact, the option of the sea, the imagination of managers, along with your wishes, simply knows no bounds. A unique route will be selected for you, taking into account the preferences of the guests. They will help to organize a chic entertainment program along with animators, presenters, DJs, musicians, and artists. Any clearance on board the ship has a right to exist. The main thing is to like the culprit or those responsible for the celebration.
At the end of the holiday, you can arrange a firework show and a salute. By the way, in some restaurants it is forbidden to do this, or the area does not allow, or the institution is located in a residential area of ​​the city.

Омар Хаям

2000 UAH/hour, 50 - banquet places, 100 - buffet places



1500 UAH/hour, 30 - banquet places, 40 - buffet places