Holiday on the boat without a banquet

Shipping companies offer to book ships for various events with a huge number of additional services. The banquet menu occupies the lion's share of the cost of the service “Rent a motor ship Kiev”; it is divided into the number of people. That is, the more guests, the higher the cost of the...



Children’s birthday aboard the ship

Renting a motor ship for organizing a birthday will be a real surprise for your children. The child only saw the ship in the picture already delighted, and imagine when the baby gets on a real ship. Organization of a birthday for children on board the ship is: - banquet table or buffet with...



Walking trams on the Dnieper

Everyone knows about walking trams who at least once made a tour of the main waterway of the capital - the Dnieper. So it is customary to call the ships that are used to transport passengers. Walking on a tram is not a speed boat ride. Usually ships sail at a moderate speed, so that guests can make...



Panoramic ship

Renting a motor ship Kiev is far from a new service for organizing holidays, but it is still one of the most original. Newlyweds rent a boat as an alternative to restaurants and limousines. Shipping companies offer a panoramic boat to organize a wedding. This special view of the vessel from the...



Is it possible to rent a ship in winter?

The opening season for boat trips falls on April-October. It is during this period that people will be comfortable and comfortable walking on the open deck, ordering a speedboat ride. Some shipping companies offer the service Kiev boat rental all year round. Ships are rented for organizing New...



Banquet for motor ships

It has long been not relevant to hold a banquet in a stuffy restaurant, where other visitors are crushing you. Toli is a boat trip with an organized holiday banquet. Fresh air, space, plenty of water, amazing landscapes - all this will help the holiday become unforgettable. Shipping companies are...



Birthday ship: how to choose?

For those who want to spend an unforgettable and interesting birthday, renting a motor ship Kiev is exactly what you need. Choosing the right vessel depends on your wishes. Will it be an ordinary boat trip or an exciting trip with a large number of guests. It is the number of guests that is the...



Birthday on a ship

Renting a steamboat to organize your birthday will be a real surprise for the birthday man. Of course, a holiday on a ship has both advantages and disadvantages. From the pros: - originality, it is much easier to surprise guests than in a restaurant; - a successful combination of the holiday and...



Important nuances during the organization of a corporate event

Renting a steamboat Kiev for the organization of a corporate event should take into account several important nuances. Determine the scope of the celebration, it depends on how much the ship will be optimized in size and additional services. Let's say you prefer only your own dishes. No question,...