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Is it possible to rent a ship in winter?

The opening season for boat trips falls on April-October. It is during this period that people will be comfortable and comfortable walking on the open deck, ordering a speedboat ride.
Some shipping companies offer the service Kiev boat rental all year round. Ships are rented for organizing New Year’s corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations.
Do not worry that the ship will be cold. Modern ships are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable, warm and cozy pastime of guests. I practically do not use the upper open deck in the design of the holiday. Naturally, it remains open so that guests can breathe fresh air. The main events of the celebration are transferred to the lower deck – a closed, well-heated, spacious banquet hall. Some motor ships have cabins, they are often rented out for a fee, they serve as a great place as rest rooms, dressing rooms for training artists, hosts, musicians.
In winter, choosing the right boat is much easier, since there is no summer excitement. In any case, “off-season” boat trips will be no less interesting than in the warm season.

Омар Хаям

2000 UAH/hour, 50 - banquet places, 100 - buffet places



1500 UAH/hour, 30 - banquet places, 40 - buffet places