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Pros and cons of organizing a wedding on a boat

The rent of the motor ship is not only necessary for the usual walks on the main waterway of the capital, but is also a good playground for all kinds of activities. Modern ships can accommodate more than two hundred people on board, which is a great reason for organizing a wedding.
What is a unique wedding on a ship?
– The panorama of the city, unforgettable landscapes will not only surprise the guests and the newlyweds, but will also be a great location and background for a wedding photo shoot.
– You can organize a banquet and a buffet table without problems. Some shipping companies lease the galley so you can come with their menu.
– The deck is a great place for barbecues, competitions, quizzes, launching of air lanterns, fireworks, salutes. After all, a dance floor can be arranged on the deck.
The disadvantages of organizing a wedding on a ship, too, are, but they can be solved.
– Bad weather. It is important to choose a vessel where there is a comfortable banquet hall, cabins.
– For passengers not to have “seasickness” choose a ship with a flat bottom, so the duck will be almost insensitive.
– Make arrangements with the captain in advance for several berths to pick up belated guests, or vice versa, to disembark passengers.
A boat ride or a sailboat is a great pastime for the whole family, friends, lovers, colleagues.

Омар Хаям

2000 UAH/hour, 50 - banquet places, 100 - buffet places



1500 UAH/hour, 30 - banquet places, 40 - buffet places