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Vessel for different types of events

A boat trip is a great option for a summer vacation. However, water tourism is constantly evolving, today it is not difficult to take a walk along the Dnieper in winter. Moreover, most shipping companies provide a service for renting a ship for various events. When organizing a holiday on the water, the main thing is to choose the right vessel.
The first thing you need to tell the manager is the number of guests. There are ships for 10 people, and there are 200 people. It is important, always take it with a margin, on the ship a limited space and an extra room or cabin will never be in the way. If there are children in the guest list, pensioners must talk with the team about possible necessary landings.
After choosing the ship, ordering all the services, the manager is obliged to announce the final cost of the celebration, so that later unexpected payments will not arise. The design of drinks and dishes depends on the format of the event. If this is a corporate party, the conference is perfect for a buffet table. At weddings, anniversaries, preferences are given to the banquet table. In addition, depending on the type of celebration, guests’ leisure is also selected. Agree on a bachelor party, guests have fun in a completely different way than at a wedding.

Омар Хаям

2000 UAH/hour, 50 - banquet places, 100 - buffet places



1500 UAH/hour, 30 - banquet places, 40 - buffet places