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Wedding photo session aboard the ship

The organization of a wedding ceremony on board a cruise ship evokes a range of positive emotions in the newlyweds and guests. The wedding on the ship emphasizes the high and important status of the event, leaving long impressions in the memory of those present.
Compared to the boring, often artificial backgrounds in the capital’s restaurants, the banquet hall on the ship opens up the opportunity for the photographer to make incredible shots against the backdrop of fabulous landscapes. In addition, the service of the rent of the ship Kiev is accompanied by additional wishes of the client. You can moor on the shore of the lake for a photo session of married people.
One boat is no fun, at an additional cost the company ship offers speed boat, yacht. Such small water transports make the photos even more beautiful and impressive.
A wedding on a ship is far from being an occasion to limit your imagination. Any decoration, decorative attributes will decorate the deck, banquet hall. On the upper deck is a great place to accommodate a photographic zone of fresh flowers, balloons. Holding a wedding photo session on a ship is an extraordinary approach to celebrating one of the momentous events in life.

Омар Хаям

2000 UAH/hour, 50 - banquet places, 100 - buffet places



1500 UAH/hour, 30 - banquet places, 40 - buffet places