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Holiday on the boat without a banquet

Shipping companies offer to book ships for various events with a huge number of additional services.
The banquet menu occupies the lion’s share of the cost of the service “Rent a motor ship Kiev”; it is divided into the number of people. That is, the more guests, the higher the cost of the holiday on the ship.
In some cases, the menu on the ship plays a secondary role when ordering a ship without organizing a buffet or banquet. Then the customer has two options:
– use the services of catering (delivery on board ready-made meals);
– for a fee, rent a galley on a ship.
In the case of catering, you have to pay only for the rental of the vessel and possibly cleaning.
Naturally, renting a boat without a kitchen causes additional difficulties, finding a suitable menu or a cook who agrees to work in the ship’s kitchen. In any case, you will incur financial losses, payment for food from the restaurant, salary to the cook.
Applications for booking a ship without a banquet are considered separately. In order to meet a client, company managers may offer to leave the galley to work, but bring drinks and sweet dishes with them on board. It is worth noting that in recent times this practice is very rare, but you can still ask.

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