Winter boat trip

A boat trip in the autumn-winter period is not only real, but also original and really hot. Typically, the shipping companies that provide their services in the winter have comfortable ships with all the necessary amenities. Renting a motor ship Kiev in winter is practically no different from...



Ideas for a children’s birthday on the ship

Children's holidays always bring a lot of pleasure and emotions. Usually, parents arrange birthdays for their children in shopping entertainment centers, where there are children's rooms, trampolines, animators. You can prepare a little longer and organize a children's birthday on a real ship....



A wedding on a motor ship in winter, is this possible?

April-September is rightfully considered the most active season for weddings. It was at this time that most often they ordered a service for renting a motor ship Kiev and organized a holiday literally in the middle of the Dnieper. However, there are force majeure situations when the wedding date is...



A few ideas for organizing a wedding on a boat

River shipping is constantly developing and renting a motor ship Kiev for the organization of any events no longer surprises anyone. Most motor ships of the old building, they are reconstructed and converted into banquet ships. Of course, new ships are also bought, boating, a modern yacht is quite...



What is the difference between a ship, a ship, a ship?

At the Kiev River Station you can find a variety of water transports. If riding on a boat can still be distinguished from a trip on a yacht, then the difference between the ship and the ship is generally incomprehensible. First, let's figure out what a ship is. The modern word ship means a...



Tips for decorating motor ships for different events

The design of the ship for a particular holiday is practically no different from the design of an ordinary banquet hall in a restaurant. Often the deck rental service includes deck decorations, so when ordering a vessel, you should clarify this point with a tour operator. Naturally, you have the...



What is better on the boat: banquet or buffet?

Quite often, an ordinary boat trip turns into a specific event. This is convenient, because when you book a table in a restaurant, you will not be alone, and a banquet on the boat sets the bar for any event. One of the problems that arises during the organization of an event on a boat is a banquet...



What do we know about motion sickness?

A long boat trip for some may result in seasickness. The so-called motion sickness, which manifests itself during the rocking of the ship, the person begins to feel sick, he feels unwell. And most importantly, everything is in the human head, the eyes see that the world is still, but the body feels...



Boat Charter Abroad

A foreign yacht charter is an excellent opportunity to travel along the main waterways of the world without having your own ship. It is important in this case to take into account all organizational issues before ordering a service for renting a motor ship, boat, yacht. For most foreigners, a boat...