How long does a cruise boat or motor ship take?

A cruise is a full-fledged trip with all the consequences: booking tickets, picking up suitcases and so on. By duration, such a boat trip happens: - short - from two to three days; - the average lasts about a week; - long - two to three weeks. Short cruises are often called weekend...



Water recreation: advantages and disadvantages

Absolutely all types of recreation have both pros and cons. A boat ride is no exception. Disadvantages: - Being in a confined space. You can’t go ashore when you want. The ship is sailing on schedule and stops at specific places. - Inability to consider in more detail. For tourists who...



Ship rental: we sell the service correctly!

Who wants to rent a ship and why? Those who want to have an unforgettable romantic evening, or spend corporate events on the highest level, or have only two days of vacation. A boat trip, like a beach holiday, is suitable for almost everyone. Usually, people who visited the ship come for the next...



Capital around the world on the ship!

Kiev round the world - probably, such a phrase for many is associated with metro lines or trams, but not with motor ships. Most tour operators offer boat rides on several routes. The first and most popular one lasts only an hour, but tears off all the famous buildings and monuments of Kiev. The...



A boat trip is a smart replacement for bus excursions

When we decide on an excursion, for some reason we look for tickets to museums, zoos, reserve bus seats for local tour operators, and go on a hiking trip. Arriving in the capital, few people know about this type of excursion as a boat ride. But in vain! A boat trip has many advantages, even over...



Is it necessary to book a boat trip in advance?

A boat trip is possible at any time of the year and lasts several hours. In Kiev, the river excursion season begins in mid-spring and lasts until October. However, depending on the weather, riding a ship is also possible in winter. There is a lot of water transport at the river station, there is no...



River cruise on the ship: where and how much?

River cruise is an unusual form of recreation, which is difficult to attribute to active or relaxing. Boat trips are a mixture of travel with high comfort. There is no need to collect equipment, buy several swimsuits, book tickets in a year to make it cheaper. It is enough to order a trip by ship...



Funny corporate party on the ship

Organizing a corporate event is not an easy task, especially when the team has been “corporate” for several years. The soul of employees requires an original holiday, about which they will whisper at a lunch break for more than one week. Rent a motor ship (Kiev) is an excellent option for such...



Walking on a boat – ideal against depression

Autumn, spring, winter depressions come unexpectedly, and even the long-awaited weekend after working days does not bring much joy. At such moments, I want to move to a deserted island and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Not an island, of course, but also a good alternative - a boat trip or boat...