Corporate party on the ship: how, when and how much

A corporate event in the restaurant is held by all, without exception, and not even the first year. It has become so commonplace, we don’t even think about what can be different, brighter, more emotional. A boat trip with the team along the main waterway of the capital is exactly that corporate...



Corporate event on a modern steam ship

Renting a motor ship for corporate events is the best place and a way to rally a team, learn more about each other, and solve all conflict situations in an informal setting. Advantages of organizing a corporate party on a ship: - Unusual and original holiday location; - Many additional services...



Wedding design ideas on a ship

River capital shipping is out of place and renting a ship for weddings, corporate events is increasingly in demand. Now at the Kiev river station the lion's share of water transport is steamboats, boats of old buildings which were reconstructed under the type of banquet ships. Naturally, at high...



The ship for the organization of the wedding

Increasingly, newlyweds are looking for places to have an unforgettable wedding. One of these locations is a ship, modern water transport allows you to organize a wedding in any format: - exit registration of marriage; - romantic boat ride after marriage at the registry office; - banquet or...



Top 5 reasons to have a wedding on a boat

Renting a steamboat Kiev is a great solution for holding an original wedding. However, thanks to what, apart from location, the holiday will be remembered for its unusualness. Steamboat - a restaurant on the sea. Modernly equipped galley, first-class service personnel, spacious banquet rooms, an...



Wedding photo session aboard the ship

The organization of a wedding ceremony on board a cruise ship evokes a range of positive emotions in the newlyweds and guests. The wedding on the ship emphasizes the high and important status of the event, leaving long impressions in the memory of those present. Compared to the boring, often...



Pros and cons of organizing a wedding on a boat

The rent of the motor ship is not only necessary for the usual walks on the main waterway of the capital, but is also a good playground for all kinds of activities. Modern ships can accommodate more than two hundred people on board, which is a great reason for organizing a wedding. What is a...



Holiday on the boat

To get a lot of positive emotions from the holiday, it is important not only to choose the most comfortable vessel, with spacious, comfortable halls and cabins. It is important to decide on what term to order the service "rent of a ship" Kiev. It is equally important to choose a menu, entertainment...



Vessel for different types of events

A boat trip is a great option for a summer vacation. However, water tourism is constantly evolving, today it is not difficult to take a walk along the Dnieper in winter. Moreover, most shipping companies provide a service for renting a ship for various events. When organizing a holiday on the...